Introducing Razi Farsi School and Art Academy

For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge and technique. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students. We are in pursue of protecting Persian language, music, art, and culture.


Our academy's mission statement:


Razi Academy is committed to provide quality education at reasonable price.  Razi school is dedicated to providing children and adults with an venue to learn more about their heritage and be successful in today’s complex society. Razi Academy plans to create a Persian learning environment in South Bay Area that is relevant to Persian culture, active in community, and product‐oriented.


Our vision:


Razi Academy likes to provide a cultural environment in Bay Area that Persian art and culture lovers can gather on regular basis. Our vision for Razi Academy is one where children and adults are educated through a collaborative effort among faculty, students, and the community.  Our school environment encourages children to take risks and become creative producers without fear of failure by increasing their self-confident.  Through cooperation and a unity of spirit, challenges become opportunities where achievements are recognized and celebrated.  Therefore, Razi Academy is retaining services of teachers and artist whom are highly regarded in their respected field. The potential of all students to become self‐directed lifelong learners permeates the expectations of the Razi Academy.

Photo Gallery: Learning in Action


Razi Farsi School and Art Academy

4125 Blackford Ave.

No. 145,

San Jose, CA 95117


Phone: +1 408 828 8494



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